Farming....  We are farmers first.  When its time to farm, we farm.  Everything else just fills in the gaps.  We grow about 1500 acres of corn and soybeans in northeast Kansas.  We've been notilling since 2000.    As you can tell from the photos,  most all work is done with John Deere equipment.  We run precision equipment such as RTK autosteer and variable rate applicators.   We've minimized wastefull overlap of chemical, fertilizer, and seed. It all adds up to saving time, money, and soil.   Most all of our harvested grain is stored here on the farm.   At a later date (and hopefully a better price:), it is delivered and sold to a terminal elevator or end user.  

We have seen many changes in the way we farm over the years.  Farming and farm technologies are constantly changing.   Better practices will continue to evolve.  Keeping up with it, is what makes farming fun and profitable.

grain pit construction 2012