2510DH cart
The 2510DH cart was designed and built exclusively for the John Deere 2510H high speed anhydrous tool bar. It carries a Montag dry box to allow dual application of dry granular fertilizer along with anhydrous ammonia. It replaces the John Deere tool bar hitch. The bar actually travels better with the cart than with the original JD hitch. Stays more level over terraces. In fact we are running a lot of our passes over terraces without any gas escape or opener gouging. The cart flexes independently from the bar. It has two arms on the rear of the cart that hook to the lower two pins on the bar. This allows for the excellent flex. The Montag box has a low center of gravity. It travels well on the back side of steep terraces and also when pulling down the road. The cart wheels dolly. Cart and bar remain straight in line which really helps when backing up to tanks. Pitstop Pro automatic hookup can also be used with this setup. We are now taking orders for a spring production run.  Make your 2510H a dual applicator. For more info contact David Holthaus at 785-799-4322 or email ksfarms@bluevalley.net
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with Montag 6 ton dry fertilizer tank
We are an authorized Montag dealer
Dual placement
High speed